We’re a passionate group of people working to build the future of plant based foods.

Welcome to Loki Foods, where we're shapeshifting the food system like Loki does. As a next-generation plant-based meat and seafood company, we're on a mission to save the planet by providing sustainable food that doesn't compromise on taste, nutrition, or affordability.

Our story began in 2022 when we set out to tackle the depletion of North Atlantic Cod, Iceland's "white gold," by creating alternative seafood that's as delicious and nutritious as the real thing. We're starting with seafood, but our sights are set on transforming the entire food system by offering climate-positive, plant-based, and cultivated foods that deliver on all fronts.

Our people

At Loki Foods, we're not just another food company. We're inspired by a sense of urgency to solve the global crisis of overfishing and unsustainable food production. Our goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and unlock hundreds of millions of square miles of land for carbon sequestration. We want to see conventional animal-based food industries thrive while protecting dwindling species populations and our planet's health.

Come along with us on this journey to transform the food system. Let's save the world one delicious and sustainable bite at a time.

The Team

  • Chris McClure

    PhD (CEO)

  • Björn V. Aðalbjörnsson

    PhD (CSO)

  • Samuel Perrella

    Head of Production & Operations