Iceland is the (plant-based) seafood capital of the world!

We’re changing the way people eat.

Loki Foods’ mission is to supply the world with sustainable, plant-based Arctic food that does not compromise on nutrition, taste, texture, cookability or affordability.

We are launching our first product - the Loki Fillet, a plant-based, nutritious white-fish alternative!

A plant based white fish fillet

Seafood can be sustainable, healthy, and tasty! Come along with us on this journey to shapeshift the food system for a greater planet and stomach. Let's save the world one delicious and sustainable bite at a time.

“Loki Foods, inspired by the power of shapeshifting, is committed to transforming the food system to create a sustainable and healthy future for all. As a next-generation plant-based meat and seafood company, Loki Foods is dedicated to producing delicious and nutritious plant-based products that do not compromise on taste, texture, or affordability.”

Chris McClure
CEO of Loki Foods